Ooita Prefecture Taketa City


I was born in Ooita Prefecture Taketa City.
Taketa City is a close place to Kumamoto,Miyazaki,and Ooita,
three prefecture borders.

The beauty spots of Taketa City are the ruins of a castle of the Oka castle in the city.There is no castle because they are the ruins of a castle.
A song is being made here.It is the song of the Koujyo no tuki (moon of the ruined castle).
Song writing composition:Rentaroh Taki.

This song flows in the platform when a train arrives at Taketa stasion.

The special product of Taketa City.


   *Size shape is a feeling which made orange small.
   A taste is sour.Itis used for cooking.
   Raw fish,Sushi,and it is used for Sake and others.

   *Bathing medicine,soap,sweets etc.


   *The cultivation of the Nava is prosperous in Ooita.
   Father and mother grow Nava.A mushroom grows in the cedar grove.
   It is the place where it doesn't hit very much of the sunlight,
   and the high place of the humidity is the optimum.


   *It is 30-40minutes by car to the north from Taketa City.
   A lot of flowers of the azalea bloom, and it dyes pink in May.
 2. Mt.Sobo

   *It is in the Sobo・Katamuki quasi-national park.The mountaintop of a
   mountain is the prefecture border of Kumamoto,Miyazaki,Ooita.
   A campig ground, lodges are near the mountain.
   There are many climbing a mountain guests.

May 22, 1996.

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