Senaga Island Beach 

Tomigusuku Village Okinawa Senaga Iland Beach   

 From Naha airport, R331, south, by car, about 10 minutes 


 It is Senaga Island that it can be seen in the left.  s5.gif (39648 バイト)  An airport is near.  s7.gif (39078 バイト)   Parking lot 19971031-1.gif (41791 バイト)


the typhoons10.gif (43707 バイト)   s9.gif (43246 バイト) Friend s19.gif (30506 バイト)


19980118.gif (40834 バイト)  A continuous photograph s12.gif (38640 バイト)  s14.gif (42453 バイト)  s15.gif (41605 バイト)




Senaga Island was the place where U.S. Armed Forces were using it before it was located in the southeast at the end of the extreme south of Naha airport runway. This is still not an artificial beach but nature even in the beach of Okinawa. ? 

Though there are many slaloms, beginner is all right . Be careful because it becomes a little deep at the time of the high tide of the flood tide. You must walk sandy soil from the parking lot though it can be put even if it becomes low tide. The one that shoes were put on is safer if the sea of Okinawa is formed because there are many bets of the coral. North wind, the west, the south are the best. 

*The end of the rainy season  

 A seasonal rain front goes north from around Okinawa when it is about June from May. Then, Okinawa becomes southeastern wind becomes stable and blows well by the wind which blows into the front when Kyushu goes into the rainy season. Sail 6.0〜 big size


 East wind, southern wind blow with the influence of the tropical storm and the typhoon through July〜September.

A continuous typhoon approached it for 1999 years 4 weeks this year from the end of July, and it was blessed with the wind. Condition varies according to occurrence number に of the typhoon of that year. If a typhoon approaches it, it can enjoy wave, too. 
But, because off shoer, the high waves and the gust are dangerous, attention is necessary to ask weather information and the person of local. ? sail, usually, 6.5〜 big size  
At the time of the typhoon approach, 5.0〜 small size.  

Usually, flat  
Head reef is near on the west side of from the waist at the time of the typhoon approach, mast overcoat  
A good wave appears when a typhoon passes through Okinawa this island west side. 

Reef is near, and only about three hours can be put before and after the high tide. Because ultraviolet rays are very strong, it is careful of summertime. 


 March comes to blow well from October. The wind of sail 4.0 and under blows if the distribution of atmospheric pressure of the winter type gets strong, too. I spend wintertime with seagal because the minimum temperature is about 15 times even in wintertime. Is a wave a head by about reef from the waist when a strong wind keeps blowing for 2-3 days, too. sail 4.5〜6.0 

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